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Help the Belt and Road, Tianlian Huitong to Central Asia's four major industry events!

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The four largest industry exhibitions in Central Asia were successfully held at the Central Asia Oil City Exhibition Center in Kazakhstan on November 28-30, 2023!


The exhibition focused on "petrochemical, mining machinery, pump valve pipeline, environmental protection equipment" four industries. Central Asia is a market with huge potential and rapid development, and all industries have broad prospects for development. In order to better understand the Central Asian market, the expert team led by the chairman of Tianlian Huitong Group went to this event. As a practitioner actively responding to the "Belt and Road" initiative, the company brought the latest oil and gas field special RTP pipe and other products to the exhibition, showing the innovative technology research and development and strength in the field of non-metallic high pressure transmission pipe, but also attracted a large number of customers to come to consult, and buried the seeds for future cooperation and technological innovation.


Kazakhstan is rich in oil and gas resources and is one of the world's top ten countries with oil and gas resources. Statistics show that Kazakhstan currently produces 11,715 oil Wells, second only to the United States, Russia and China in the world, while the average daily production of crude oil per well is at a low level. Therefore, whether it is upgrading old oil fields or developing new ones, whether it is repairing old pipelines or laying new ones, the realization of Kazakhstan's oil-rich strategy urgently requires expanded international cooperation. By participating in the most representative oil industry exhibition held in Almaty in Kazakhstan, establishing a business relationship with direct exchanges and trade negotiations is the best choice for us to enter the Kazakh oil and gas industry market.


Tianlian Huitong will continue to strengthen cooperation with Central Asia and the wider region in the future, and activ

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